Everlasting rose in glass dome

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History books are filled with stories of eternal love. Eternity Grand captures the essence of true love between two people by epitomizing it in this display of two eternal (preserved) roses enclosed in a Glass Dome, gracefully standing on a wooden base, together forever in love.


  • Eternal Roses that last at least 3 years & up to 5 years on real preserved stems with real preserved leaves. Please follow care instruction guidelines provided with the package. 
  • Glass dome protecting the eternal roses from environmental elements, requiring no water or sunlight. Please refer to after-care instructions.
  • Dome Height: 14cm (approx. 5.52 inches)
  • Dome Width: 12cm (approx. 4.7 inches)
- Two Eternal Rose: Grown, nourished, and hand-picked from Ecuador, where the finest roses in the world come from.
- Dandelion moss etc
-Set in a long glass dome and a wooden base.

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